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Benefits of Clean 'n Scrub Service for outbuildings

Benefits of Clean 'n Scrub Service for outbuildings


Outbuildings: Poultry Barn Washing and Disinfecting

   Clean 'n Scrub,
 mobile services, perfect for cleaning and disinfecting, your barns and outbuildings.

    Using the power of high pressure steam, germs and years of grime and filth, take flight.

              Poultry Barn Disinfecting & Cleaning

Benefits of Service

Clean 'n Scrub benefits Hot water washing, is now a more mandatory service, in order to ensure that bugs, disease and viruses
     are killed. This helps to stop any spread, between crops. 

Clean 'n Scrub benefit Hot water cleans much better and faster then regular cold water washing. 
     Example: washing cycles, washing your dishes, washing your laundry, even your hands.

Clean 'n Scrub benefit Clean barn atmosphere helps allow the light to better reflect off of walls and ceiling 
      giving you better lighting for your work . 

Brighter working, living environment = Better mood for you, your workers and your animals.

 Clean 'n Scrub benefit Inspectors are demanding that you need to keep up a clean, fresh environment for your animals, 
      Refusing to listen, will cost you a lot more than, doing the service.

Clean 'n Scrub benefit Keeping a clean barn environment will help keep your product sanitary 
and could possible save a portion of your crop loss. 

If you save a few more of your animal lives, which could have been prevented by cleaning properly, 
then our service essentially pays for itself.

                                                 So You Get
                                                 check box 
Better lighting 
                                                 check box Easier to maintain clean barn 
                                                 check box A Boost in moral and productivity 
                                                 check box Help save livestock lives
                                                        - Inspectors demand it 
                                                check box You save both time & energy, over doing it yourself

  Benefits of doing business with Clean ‘n Scrub

Clean 'n Scrub benefit The owner is of a farming background and understands the importance of timeliness, 
      attention to detail cleaning, importance of disinfecting, and hard work to get the job done. 

Clean 'n Scrub benefit We offer disinfecting spray, after washing the barn; 
      as well, our equipment gets disinfected, to prevent any barn diseases transportation. 
    We also come with total change of clothes, eliminating cross contamination.

 Clean 'n Scrub benefit Cash in on the price of reduce washing due to our efficient way of cleaning, (don’t cut quality for price)
     Clean ‘n Scrub can can carry 1200 gallons of water to farms that can to get the Gallons Per Minute for washing,
     so we can save you on down time, and you save on cleaning.

Clean 'n Scrub benefit Receive more service at a better rate, 
     The more service you buy from Clean ‘N Scrub the better price we can give back to you. 
      Repeat customers are rewarded

Clean 'n Scrub benefit We are on call 24 x 7 with self-contained mobile service vehicles.

    Check out the Before and After Photos of some of our Cleaning or Disinfecting Services

            Clean 'n Scrub benefit   Poultry Barns 

            Clean 'n Scrub benefit  Farm Equipment

           Download and Print  Barn Cleaning Flyer PDF from March 2009  (front)        Barnin Cleaning Flyer in PDF format

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