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Clean 'n Scrub: Expanding Services

Clean ‘n Scrub is constantly evolving to meet your needs.

Have a look at our current, ever expanding, inventory of Services:

CLEAN N’ SCRUB is a mobile service that will make your home, business or organization shine!

What We Do:

# Power Brush
# Sweeping
# Power Washing
# Gum Removal
# Exterior Steam Cleaning
# Wet Sandblasting
# Fleet Cleaning (detailing & polishing services)
# Interior & Exterior Detailing

What We Clean:
# Sidewalks
# Buildings
# Eaves troughs
# Deck & Patios
# Cisterns
# Equipment

What We Remove:
# Gum
# Graffiti
# Oil & Grease
# Dirt & Grime

Improve your overall business appearance. Whether it be making your vehicles look new again or property maintenance, you can shine!

    Traffic Control Certified

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