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HOTSY Power Wash

Using a HOTSY hot water pressure washer means Clean!

Our Mobile units, here at Clean 'n Scrub, can heat water to steam at 4.5 GPM using a 3200 PSI of Pressure. We carry our own water supply in order to maintain the pressure generated.

♦High Pressure or ♦Low Pressure ♦Hot or ♦Cold Water and ♦Detergents
♦Disinfecting agents

    Selected specifically, for your job and the cleaning or removal to be done, coupled with the surface type.

         Hotsy Pressure Clean
         Our mobile units carries its own water,
        No need to call on a cistern, your well pump or a municipal water supply.

Arrange your Fleet Cleaning Today through an estimate request


Repeat Customers want consistently high results
             and they not only see the same benefits each time,
             they are rewarded, with better pricing on subsequent services

             Field Equipment Cleaned 

            Combine Cleaning and Disinfecting 

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