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Renew Decks, Patios, Pavers and many hard surfaces

Renew Decks, Patios, Pavers and many hard surfaces

Clean ‘n Scrub can renew a deck surface, in a faction of the time over old methods.

  Deck Cleaning

A clean surface is the key to any refinishing project,
or just for a good looking surface.

Check out this Sample Project (painted deck)

You tried some sanding ... Sanding

  A lot of work and still more to do

Screen bean character scratching it's head and a question mark


                  After a call to
Clean N Scrub ...

After Clean 'N Scrub ServicesDeck Cleaning by Clean N Scrub
                                     The Better Way
                               for you and the environment

                  The Choice Seems Obvious....
                            Hours of sanding or a
call to Clean 'N Scrub's Team
   from Clean N Scrub Mobile Cleaning based in Caledonia Ontario

Deck Restoration by Clean N Scrub

Not only great for cleaning Wood but also Concrete, pavers, Patio surfaces.
All powered clean, with little impact on nearby structures and vegetation.

                         Brick or Concrete Pavers are renewed

To Request an Estimate Request an Estimate(on line form)

 Include an estimate of the square footage of the surface to be cleaned
 and the amount of protection required for surrounding vegetation or structures

Complete our easy Estimate Form
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