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Job Estimates

Clean ‘n Scrub Service is tailored to exceed the customer’s needs.
   Each job is assessed beforehand to determine the methods to achieve superior results.

Similarly Job Estimates are not done with a cookie cutter approach.
    You are encouraged to use this forms to request an estimate, ball park figure,
      or Performa Invoicing for services.

     We can also work within your accounting practices for payments.

It may be necessary for a site visit, to adequately provide, a quote on your request.

 We are aware that there are not many firms with our quality and experience,
     * we may require a site analysis fee for job quotes, outside our region.

               Repeat customers are rewarded.
                            Receive more services at a better rate.

The more you use Clean 'n Scrub superior services, the better the price.


     Getting on with the Job              Far More than Just a Quick Sweep


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