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Property Management (Commercial Services)


Property Management (Commercial Services)

Benefits of doing business with Clean 'N Scrub
Mobile Property Exterior Maintenance Cleaning

 Clean'nScrub    Provide a 24 hr care package, so whatever time works best to clean your property we will be there.

 Clean'nScrub   Using the top of the line equipment which is very reliable and can do the job in the most efficient way

Clean'nScrub    Providing Graffiti removal maintenance as well

Clean'nScrub   Experienced and well trained employees

Clean'nScrub  Receive more service at a better rate, the more service you buy from us the better price we can give back to you
Clean'nScrub   We have a long list of happy costumers that use us for repeat business

Other Service we can provide
           Watering/fertilizing hanging baskets, flower beds, and planters.
           Graffiti Removal
           Sidewalk Cleaning

Before during

            Brick Cleaning

Before During Cleaning



Clean and Scrub Can Work for YouEliminate a grungy, smelly appearance caused by oil, grease, mildew, gum, and general dirt and food/drink stains.
      Cleaning will bring a fresh new looking appearance back to your store to enhance customer experience.
Clean and Scrub Can Work for YouSpring cleaning is very important. Removing the harsh winter salts, which will dry out, crack and destroy concrete.
      Washing out of the pores of concrete is very important in order to ensure long life in expensive concrete work.
Clean and Scrub Can Work for YouRegular maintenance of your store front will help maintain that new store look, it is cheaper to maintain than have to replace or repair.
Clean and Scrub Can Work for YouMaintaining customer safety, removing oil/grease and general dirt will help prevent slips and falls
       that can be very costly which would pay for more than a life time of store front cleaning.
Clean and Scrub Can Work for YouIncrease curb look, make people want to check out your business or come back due to its pleasant appeal or fresh scene.
Clean and Scrub Can Work for YouEnvironmental hazards'; removing and cleaning up the spills and build up of oil, gas, and grime
      will keep environmentalist off your back and out of your wallet.
Clean and Scrub Can Work for YouFirst impressions of your property appearance and care may not mean much to you but makes a difference to your customers or prospects.
Clean and Scrub Can Work for YouMake first time customers into returning customers buy getting that competitive edge of having the tidiest business appearance,
       increase the customers' experience.
Clean and Scrub Can Work for YouCustomers tend to gravitate to places that have a cleaner environment
Clean and Scrub Can Work for YouLooks newer or cleaner customers tend to be attracted
Clean and Scrub Can Work for YouChance to make first time customers into continuing customers
Clean and Scrub Can Work for YouProperty value goes up.

      It all adds up to huge savings for the Property Investors

      Much less of a Headache for Property Managers ..... and
 Happier Customers

Let's Discuss Your Needs for Work
for the Property or Multiple Properties You Manage
Size is never an issue for us.

Telephone 289- 260 4346


      7 x 24

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Mobile Cleaning
Serving Hamilton-Wentworth, Haldimand,
Norfolk & Brant Counties
Based in Caledonia Ontario

Also See Power Sweeping for Large Areas