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  Poultry Barn Cleaning

                         Professional Mobile Power Cleaning
            In Brant, Haldimand, Niagara & Norfolk Ontario

                      Provide a Fresh Clean Environment & Disinfection to maximize gains

                       Clean 'n Scrub arrives with everything including hydro and water.


The entire structure is cleaned. Any equipment that is impervious to water can not only be cleaned, but disinfected, as well.

Biosecurity is Everyone's Responsibility

Clean 'n Scrub follows strict protocols to eliminate any possibility of cross contamination.
  • All of our equipment is disinfected.
  • As is, all our clothing
  • We also carry a change of clothing and footwear.
  • Ask about the effectiveness of Disinfecting
    and the highly pathogenic H5N2 virus (AI = avian influenza)
      For up-to-date info, please visit and join the Feather Board Command Centre’s site:


Before    Time Lapse     After

1 Minute Wash

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Ceilings and All Structure Surfaces   Ceilings and walls pressure washed clean
     Clean 'n Scrub provides a clean surface for complete disinfection of all equipment.
                                         Any water impervious equipment, sparking clean                                          Disinfect and clean all surfaces that are unaffected by water

            Application of a Disinfecting Foam, means that the operator can visually confirm

                                                           Disinfecting Foam application after a thorough Wash

                 All parts of walls, floors or pieces of equipment receives the disinfectant
                 - using a clear liquid does not help uniform application and effectiveness.

                                                         You can see what is disinfected

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